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The BIG FEELS Collection was inspired after I drew what my anxiety felt and looked like to me when I was experiencing it. It slowly morphed into a character that I wanted to take care of and be kind to. I became curious to see what other heavy feelings and mental illnesses looked like. Soon after I created characters for depression, paranoia, insomia, anger, fidgity, scared, and more.

I created a collection that include character cards, medicine reminder bowls, and plushies of each of the BIG FEELS friends (or BFF for funsies). I wanted to create characters that allowed people to feel like they can take care of their BFFs and in turn they will take care of them. I also created an Instagram page to create a safe place where people can see what the BFFs are up to, tips on how to take care of them, and see some more BIG FEELS Collection goodies.

Who’s your BFF today? Your Big Feels Friend that is!