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SEGD hosts a national conference every year and they came to A+D Projects asking the Design Club to create the branding for this three day event being held in our very own Rose City. We were tasked with creating the overall look and feel of the event, social media promos,  wayfinding,  speaker presentations, programs, a RISO poster series, and we even got to decorate a bike!

The event Experience Portland was to be playful, weird, fun, experiemental, and vibrant; everything that Portland embodies. But all while holding the values of SEGD of connecting, educating, and inspiring. In the end, our team created the feeling of community, the beauty of collaboration, and the joy of what working together in harmony feels like.

The amazing team that I had the pleasure to be a part of and made it all happen:

Lucy Polich - Creative Direction
Whitney McPhie - Creative Direction

Hlie Moua- Project Manager
Jessica Cho - Designer/Project Manager
Wes Gibson - Designer
Katie Storment - Designer