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  1. East of Eden Book Jacket
  2. tide Event Social Media
  3. BIG FEELS Collection
  4. OSBHA Spotlight Series
  5. rocks rock Info Booklet
  6. SEGD Event Branding

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East of Eden

Book Jacket Cover Design

The East of Eden book jacket project was the that made me understand graphic design. This was the one where it all clicked in my brain, the pieces fell and I could see the big picture of all the possiblities.

SEGD 2022 Conference

Event Branding

The SEGD hosts a national conference every year and this year, they came to A+D Projects asking to create branding for this three day event since it will be held in our very own Rose City: Portland, Oregon!

BIG FEELS Collection

Independent Product Design

The BIG FEELS Collection was inspired after I drew what my anxiety felt and looked like to me when I was experiencing it. I quickly wondered what other feeling and mental illnesses looked like to me and so I set out to figure it out.

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